Why Accomplishing Personal Development Goals Will Help You With Your Business Goals

Whatever you are looking to accomplish, whether it be a healthier lifestyle, helping the environment, losing weight, writing a book or even managing your money, you need to put it in writing and have an action plan to get there. When you share your goals with other’s it helps hold you accountable. 2018 is the year I am committing to better myself internally.

Here are the 7 goals I want to accomplish in 2018: 

  1. Improve my overall heath and nurture my body by getting back on my exercise regime, eating clean and lose 25 lbs.
  2. Write my e- book by the end of the year.
  3. Start each day like a blank canvas and pay attention to opportunities.
  4. Reach out of my comfort zone more willingly.
  5. To live with intention and purpose daily.
  6. Stand up for the things I care about, my opinions and feelings do matter.
  7. Spend more time putting myself first and saying NO more often to things that do not serve me or make me happy.

These are 7 simple realistic goals I set for myself to help me to become a better person which will in turn make everything I want to accomplish in my business easier to accomplish as well. Setting goals means planning for growth. We have to grow in our business and we must always work on personal growth in order to make it happen. Try to make your goals more heartfelt by putting a list together of things you can commit to working on  everyday to help you self improve.


What 7 goals are you working on for yourself this year? Let me know HERE


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