Use These 5 Tips For A Fail-Proof Follow Up System

 Entrepreneurship is all about friendship farming, networking and making connections. You aren’t just out to get exposure, you are actually making connections and hopefully developing relationships with other like-minded entrepreneurs. After you leave an event, what plan do you have in place to talk to them again and turn them into a possible client or a strategic partner, or both?

Did you know that only 48% of sales people actually follow-up? Let alone have a follow-up system in place! The simple answer to getting more clients is to have a super simple follow-up system that works. It is critical, if not the most crucial, business building system.  

Here are 5 Simple Tips for a Fail-Proof follow – up System:

  1. Have a specific game plan – Nurturing each lead to the fullest and properly executing your follow-ups are important. Your exact game plan will depend upon several factors, like how many leads you have on average, and what type of leads they are. Such as is it a possible client or someone who would become a strategic partner. 
  2. Follow – Up on every connection We all make a lot of connections as entrepreneurs and as women. Yet many of us don’t contact them after the fact. You never really know the potential of a lead unless you take the proper steps to follow-up. In some cases, a contact that you would least expect doing lead could result in big sales, while someone you thought would be awesome result in nothing. That’s why you should treat every connection as if it could bring in sales and even turn into a long-term relationship. Following up on leads is usually a numbers game. The more effort you put forth means the higher your sales figures should be.
  3.  Build Rapport It is imperative to connect with your potential customer. The chances of them meeting with you depend on your ability to get them to like you and feel a connection with you. 
  4. Have a sense of urgency A huge part of your success will depend on how quickly you follow-up. There have been studies to prove that the individual who follows-up within an hour is seven times more likely to qualify a lead than businesses that wait longer than an hour. After 24 hours have passed, the likelihood of making a conversion drops drastically. My rule of thumb is 48 hours should be the longest you wait to follow up with someone you connected with. 
  5. Keep your word  Do what you say you are going to do. If you say you will call them Tuesday to set up a time to meet, hold up to your end of the bargain. If you said that you would email someone something, whether it be information on your product or service or just your availability, do it promptly.  It’s ideal to exceed their expectations.  

Now that you’ve gotten some tips for creating your follow-up system, and you know how necessary this system is to for business, what tweaks are you going to do to improve your follow-up system? If you don’t have one then follow these five steps above, be consistent and you’ll soon see an increase in client appointments. 


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