The Women That Inspire Me The Most

There are always people in our lives that we look up to in many ways. Inspiration is instilling faith in someone to motivate them to do something. So when I think about who inspires me, I automatically think about all of the people who have encouraged me and supported me in good times and in bad times, and have helped me to pursue my dreams throughout my journey. It is impossible to choose any one individual because many people are responsible for helping me over the years. These women have lifted me up and helped me to become a better person. They were there for me when I needed them the most. A person that truly inspires me is someone who can encourage me to want to do more, give more and to be more.

When inspiration makes its presence known, we must pay atention if our priority is to be who we are meant to be. – Wayne Dyer.

When I think about who inspires me the most, I don’t think about someone who is famous, well known, the most popular, or even makes alot of money or has the most contacts. In fact, I can’t think of any one individual alone. For me, the person who personally inspires me is someone who gets through lifes obstacles and never gives up in spite of their challenges, they fight everyday to accomplish their goals, and they lead by example. They are trustworthy and loyal, and posess integrity. It’s the woman who has become successful through their own hard work and efforts, not on the backs of other people, and no matter how successful they become they remain humble. They don’t buy into their own press and act like you are the lucky one to be around them, and tell you how great they are, instead they ask you how they can help you and then they thank you for your time, and they tell you how awesome you are and how great you can become. They are confident enough in themselves to shine their light on other people.

These women are so humble that they dont even realize how many other womens lives they touch daily. The most inspirational woman, to me, gives of herself freely to help others become successful regardless of how busy they are, how much success they have achieved, or what the get back in return. You will never know when they are having a bad day or something negative has just occurred in their life because they never take it out on you. They will meet with you and help you, if you ask them to, with a smile.

My inspiration comes from all the extrodinary women in ETTWomen and the women I get to meet through ETTWomen that I am blessed to be surrounded by everyday. The women with the above average desire to be somebody. These women build one another up and make others feel special. These make you laugh, make you feel apppreciated and sometimes they even make you cry. They all have their own struggles but will never hesitate to help other women win. Their loyalty, support and encouragement keep me inspired to step out of my comfort zone every day and to focus on being a better person. They inspire me to hit my own goals. So although I am unable to name any one person who insires me, these are all of the women, that I am privelaged to say, inspire me in my life the most and allow me to live an inspired life.


Tell me who inspires you the most and why HERE


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