The Sometimes Not So Glamorous Life of Entrepreneurship


You’ve got to admit that sounds so exciting,  doesn’t it!? Being your OWN boss, providing employment for people who need it while being innovative and having the ability to be creative?! It’s exhilarating. It sounds almost simple! But what they don’t put in the description is doing all of those amazing things while you take care of kids, animals, partners, sick family members, and at some point maybe even yourself! How the hell can we possibly fit that all in?
Well, I think that’s where the innovation comes in. Innovation is the ability to produce new ideas and provide better solutions. That is exactly what you better be able to do to run your business and everything else in your life that can’t seem to run without you – and I am sure that is pretty much everything! Let me tell you some ugly truths, my not so Wonder Woman moments so that maybe you can relate. There were nights I stayed up all night with a sick toddler, which I am sure many of you have done. But that client is waiting, we can’t worry about sleep. My three-year-old finally fell asleep and the baby was due to wake up in 5 minutes. No problem! I will grab my cape, all I need is 1 minute to shower and the other 4 for getting dressed, putting on makeup and making a bottle. Done and done just in time, I am a superhero!  Or so I thought until the baby started having a baby meltdown.  No problem, I got this with time to spare. I shove a bottle in her mouth and in walks the babysitter. I am all ready to fly. Just as I say hello and goodbye I lovingly hand her off (practically throw her) while I explain the instructions for the day, guess what happens? Yep, she throws up all over me and I mean ALL OVER ME! So now as I am ripping off my clothes while sprinting up the stairs, I am also calling my client to explain I will be ten minutes late and I am apologizing profusely begging for forgiveness.  The day is over, the sale is closed and I dust off my cape and await tomorrow.
There were the many times my husband would drive me to my appointment while my 1-year-old son and my 3 and 5-year-old daughters were in the car with us. We would pack food, and yes sometimes go through a drive through so while I was on the appointment the girls would eat and of course, I fed my son in the car before I got out. There were the embarrassing times the bell would ring 20 minutes into an appointment because someone choked or threw up or anything else my husband couldn’t handle that was always amusing. I have put on 2 different shoes more times than I’d like to admit. I’ve worn different articles of clothing inside out or on backward, and even the occasional tear or ripped seam has been witnessed.
Let’s see, I’ve have closed sales on the phone in emergency rooms, waiting rooms and Dr. offices. I have kept a smile on my face for the whole day for my associates and clients, I’ve walked into the house smiling to hug and kiss my children goodnight only to go in the bathroom after to have my weekly 20-minute breakdown on my knees. People have been rude to me on multiple occasions, I have been offered cocktails, gifts and other things for giving a sales presentation instead of closing the sale. Oh, and my favorite I still get lost until this day when I have to drive to an unfamiliar place for an event, yes even with GPS. I have been called materialistic, a workaholic, a dreamer and more by family and good friends. Of course, I was also told to get a real job like everyone else. I’ve lost longtime friends and my husband and I have had nasty, dragged out name calling/object throwing fights – in private and in front of people! And it still isn’t easy running one business with your spouse and another with your work wife.

Your quality time gets so much better when you are all in the Caribbean together for 10 days. All summer you go to the beach whenever you want, three days a week at least. We never miss happy hour date nights, even if we fought all day, because I make my own schedule. I also am blessed with all the lives I have changed for so many families financially because of the time and effort I have put into them. I also love the time my partner (AKA work wife) and I are able to work on giving back and helping women and children who need us. All because I made a decision to never give up.

The most important thing I can tell you right now is find a group of like-minded women who will support you no matter what and who understand you. This will be crucial for your success and your sanity! You were destined to be something great, so why settle for average and ordinary? Never ever give up on your goals and dreams, regardless of the challenges you will face, because I promise you that in the end it’s all worth it!
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