The Power of Teamwork

‘Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a shared vision. It’s the fuel that allows ordinary people to come together and make extraordinary things happen.’

When I opened my first office the first two pictures I hung up on my wall was ‘Together We Achieve More’ and ‘If it is to Be, it is Up to Me.’ I built my business to where it is today because I sold out to hiring and training associates and duplicating myself so I can have multiple locations that continue to produce whether or not I am there. I loved the idea of building teams and not working alone. I understood when we received accolades and awards; it was never about me. It was the team that came together and put their heads down and worked hard towards a common goal.

I love the expression ‘There is no I in Team.” Great teams work together to accomplish great results. You have to realize that nobody ever becomes great on their own. It is the people they surround themselves with that helps to make them great. When one person believes that the success of their business or organization is because of them and that it would crumble without them, is pure ego. Remember that we are all replaceable.

In most corporations, they highlight the top employees as the few that are responsible for the overall success of the company. The truth is that those shining superstars needed the help of a strong team to succeed. Cooperation among teammates is one of the key elements of success. Working together towards a common goal, instead of competing for personal glory is how amazing things happen.

When you put a diverse group of people together with all different talents and personalities it gives everyone the chance to look at things from entirely different perspectives. Different people who excel in different areas can work together and create a strong organization. When I am sitting with more than one women in my office it not only makes work more fun but thats when we come up with new ideas. Not any one of us bring everything to the table. We inspire one another and become more productive.

If you want to be a great leader you have to first learn how to be an integral part of a team. You can never build a team if you never learned how to be a team player. You have to be able to interact with other individuals and take advice from them and embrace their ideas as well as your own. You have to understand that being able to work with a group of people and embrace their ideas and accept them as an integral part of your team is crucial.

In every aspect of your business diverse skills are going to be needed to reach success. Look at teamwork as building friendships. Your team can consist of as little as 2 partners, 3 partners and a team of 5 that work closely with you. Or have multiple offices who have leaders that run the office and a team of people that work with them. Whatever your team looks like, just remember that when teamwork is working the whole team is motivated and working toward the same goal in harmony.

“The myth of the head table is the belief that on a team, one person is always in charge of every situation.” John Maxwell

Here a few great books about teamwork:

The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork, John Maxwell

The Laws of Teamwork, John Maxwell

Pulling Together, John J. Murphy

The I in Team, Bill Patterson

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