Six Easy Ways to Overcome Perfectionism

It is easy to commonly confuse people that have high standards with being a perfectionist. But it is entirely possible to be committed to excellence without being a perfectionist. Are you a recovering perfectionist? I do admit to being a bit of a control freak, but I have never been a perfectionist. I have worked with many individuals over the years that would say they couldn’t start something or promote their product or service because they didn’t feel they knew it all yet, or it needed a few more changes to make it exactly right.

That type of perfectionism tends to be rooted in fear of failure. “I can’t launch my website until it’s perfect. ” I’m not ready to see potential clients because I don’t know everything yet.” Procrastinating over getting started on a business opportunity or a project is because we are afraid of what happens if we do get started and it doesn’t go as planned.

The problem is that perfectionism doesn’t necessarily help people to reach the high standards they set for themselves. There’s a big difference for the need to be perfect and just setting high standards and having lofty goals. Striving for excellence is internally driven; you can set measurable goals. Perfectionism is just an excuse to cover up your fear. You set such high goals and standards for yourself and everyone around you nobody to achieve it.

‘Perfectionism is a dangerous state of mind in an imperfect world.’ – Robert Hillyer

Here are six ways you can stop being a perfectionist:

  1. Create more realistic goals and expectations.
  2. Trust others to help you and believe they can get the job done too.
  3. Stop taking on more than you can chew.
  4. Practice not holding others to such high standards.
  5. Prioritize self-care and give yourself a break.
  6. Recognize and address the fear.

Learn to embrace being perfectly imperfect. You will never be perfect, our children will never be perfect, neither will our partner’s spouses or friends. Practice gratitude and start appreciating yourself for who you are. When you learn how to let go and let others help you, your life can totally transform and you will watch your business start to explode.

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