How Would You Pick The Title to Your Memoir? These 4 Easy Steps Can Help

When I started to seriously think about what the title of my memoir would be, I asked myself what would my readers be struggling with? What can my reader learn from my story? What advice can I offer? A memoir focuses on a specific aspect of the writers life. A powerful memoir can take you, as a reader, for an exciting ride if it is written correctly. First, I had to decide what I wanted it to be about, then he most important next step was the title. I decided my title should be what I am all about, and what my business represents. I’ve  been thinking about if for awhile and I have been reading through samples of different memoirs and studying how to write my own. Truth be told, it is the execution I have not committed to yet. I did pick my title and what my story will be about. The title is “The LynetteWork.” My memoir will be based on my experiences on my journey as a woman entrepreneur. I will focus on what it took to build my business and what helped me the most, which was connecting with people, building relationships and building strategic partnerships. The ups, the downs, what I have learned etc. I hope it will help other women to avoid the landmines I have already walked through. After much research, these 4 tips helped me to narrow down my topic and start putting my outline together.

4 easy steps to help you pick the title and the body of your memoir:

  1. Include more than your story – What will your readers walk away with.
  2. Narrow your focus – It doesn’t have to be your whole life story.
  3. Try to put the readers in your shoes – be as descriptive as possible.
  4. Create an emotional Journey with your backstory and vivid details. What did your journey look like? How were you feeling? 

Thinking about writing your memoir can be daunting, and scary. I am with you, it still scares the crap out of me. But, when I decided what I wanted to name it, it began to feel more realistic. Then when I narrowed my down my focus and decided what I wanted to really write about an how it could help women entrepreneurs like myself, I began to put my pen to paper and I started writing down some of my thoughts. Believe me I am not close to where I need to be with it, but I am elated that it is now more than just a thought in my mind. I hope this helps you to decide to pick a title and begin writing your memoir too!

I would love to hear about what your memoir will be called? Reach out to me HERE 

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