How to Pick a Quote to Live By

“Together We Achieve More.”

I am a quote person. I gravitate towards specific quotes in the morning that represent how I am feeling, sometimes they are based on things that are happening to me at that time. I have quite a few favorites, but “Togeher We Achieve More” resonates with me the most. When I started my business I realized the only way to market my product was through people and people who know people. So I had to get myself out there and frienship farm and make connections, I was terrified. I was in a new prodominantly male industry at the time in an area where I didnt know anyone. The first womans group I joined had a speaker tha talked about women working with women and supporting one another in business, so I used that line with everyone I met and called after the meeting. “Hey it’s Lynette Barbieri, we met a yesterdays luncheon, I told you I’d give you a call today. I’d love to meet for a cup of coffee and see how we can support one anothers business. I believe woman should work with and support other women in small business.” Thats how my business started to roll.

About 6 months later down the road I rented my first small space. I went into a store, like a Michaels, to look for a picture and the first thing I saw was a poster that said “Together We Achieve More.’  I immediately got the chills, I knew that was the one! I hung it up over that little desk and it went with me to every office after. It represents making connections building relationships and collaborating to truly develop strategic partnerships. It is all about helping one anoher become successful. I never go a day without posting a quote to this day and I usually have the quote of the week hung up on my computer that I look at everyday. Use quotes to inspire and motivate yourself. Pick a quote that moves you and that you feel represents you. A quote that when you say it to people they can get a feel for what you are all about. This quote will help keep you focused and help you to be more positive because it means something to you when you read it. If you find a favorite one like I did frame it and hang it up in your space where you can see it all the time.

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