How to Pick a Business Name That Represents You

I have been in my own business for over 20 years. I represent a company, Primerica Financial Services, that already had an established name when I started. I didnt have to pick my business name or a logo. Then 6 years ago when I started a networking group and met my business partner, She explained to me why I needed a business name for myself outside of my company and how important branding was. Obviously this was new to me so I was compelled to start out just using my name because I wanted people to easily find me aside from the fact that I was trying to get use to the whole concept.

Fast forward 6 years, my business, aside from our ETTWomen’s group, has grown. Now I realized that it was ample time to step up and upgrade my website and pick a business name that represented me and what I have become. This really needed to be done a few years ago but there is always someone who needs help in our group so the project naturally keeps getting pushed back I was hoping to be ready to go January 2nd so I am hopeful it will be all done in February and we can all move on to other projects. Once you start seeing it come to fruition its exciting and you can’t wait until it’s all done so you can share your link everywhere!

When it was time to pick the name I wanted a name that was catchy, but would tell people who I am, and I also wanted it tobe easy to find me. Coming up with the perfect name is the single most imortant step to start off your business on the right foot so it took me some time to commit. As your business grows, so much of your sales and future growth truly can come from having a kick ass name, so I was afraid of making a mistake.

A good name, that reflects you, lets anyone who hears it know a lot about you. I was sitting down writing things on paper one day when I remembered how all of my friends describe me. Many years before I started this neworking group I ran another group for 5 plus years,  called People Empowering People (PEP). We had a group of 30 – 50 people that showed up once a month for a few years. I grew my business by making connections and building long term relationships with other business owners. Other offices in Primerica had asked me to come to their offices to teaxh their associates to learn how to network for awhile until I stopped doing it because it was too time consumng for me.

Since I had a lot of contacts all my friends, neighbors, clietns would always ask me for a referral for everything they needed. I was out with my next door neighbor one night and I had invited a room full of people to go wach her husbands band. As I kept introducing people to them my friend turned around and said, ” I am going to make you a t-shirt that says The LynetteWork!” The name alsways stuck in my head and my friends all describe me to their friends as “The LynetteWork.” So when we started my new site it made sense to use the name given to me for what I truly represent. I am owning it, I am a true connector. I meet and connect people daily as part of my daily routine. The LynetteWork it is! It’s catchy, has my name in it so I can easily be found and it totally represents me.

So if you are thinking about what to call your business ask yourself these questions:

Does it reflect me and what I represent?

Will people easily find me?

Will I be able to live with it for a very long ime?

I hope this helps in your quest to find your perfect business name!

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