Hate Sales? 8 Tip’s on How to Help You Flip That Mindset


Did you honestly realize that you were in sales when you first started your business? Did you feel energized to get out there and sell? Be honest, did you have an epiphany that you hated sales once you realized that you would have to get out there and convince others to buy your product in order to make money?  It’s okay to admit it because you are not alone.

When I first started my business and realized that I would have to get out there and sell my services I felt nauseous, however, I realized that I would have to get over it if I wanted a successful business. This is my straightforward advice to anybody feeling the same way that I did. The truth is that most people hate selling because of the negative connotation associated with sales. The thought of having to talk to your friends and family, and even approach  people that you don’t know, can be intimidating, however, if you change your thinking about selling it will be so much easier. I started viewing sales in a positive light once I saw it as a way to help someone purchase a product or service that can solve a problem for them and improve their life in some way.

One of the most basic things that prevents people from being successful in sales isn’t what they say, or the mechanics of the sale, it’s their attitude. Thankfully, with some honest advice one can easily overcome this barrier!  It’s all about changing your mindset and believing in yourself and your product or service.

Here are 8 ways you can change the way you think about selling and embrace sales:

  1. Stop thinking about it as selling – Start thinking about it as adding value. When you are teaching  or helping a customer you aren’t just selling, you are offering a solution to their problem.
  2. Get over the fear of rejection – People don’t like to be turned down. Since rejection is a big part of sales, most people choose to forgo the pain associated with selling. Just remember not to take it personal when someone says no to you. It is usually not the right time, or they don’t see the need or value in the product or service for themselves.
  3. Re-frame your mindset – Understand that your job isn’t to manipulate your customer into buying something. Your job is to engage your customer in a comfortable conversation, answer questions, and sell the value behind your product or service. Let them know how you are offering them the right solution.
  4. Understand your value proposition – You have to have a clear understanding of  your value proposition because it will help with your belief and boost your confidence. The more you know about what you are selling and what makes you unique, the more confident you will be – this makes selling so much easier.
  5. Learn to tell your story – Selling is directly tied to story telling. Customers connect to your story more than they do to what you are offering.
  6. You will not sell to everybody – Remember that they aren’t saying no to you. It isn’t about you. It could be the wrong time, they don’t think they need what you are offering, etc. There can be so many different reasons, but you are not the reason. Just keep moving until you identify your target market. You will always have to go through the no’s to get a yes. I suggest your read Go For No, by Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton, if you have a hard time with rejection.
  7. Don’t think of your prospect as a potential sale – Think of them as human beings with real needs and real challenges, and think of your product or service as a way to alleviate these issues.
  8. Clarify your business mission – In order to have a clear business path you must identify the areas that you excel in, who your target market is, and what that target market needs.

As entrepreneurs our number one goal is to run a successful business and make a living by selling our products or services. If you don’t sell anything, your business doesn’t survive. So my advice to you is work on embracing sales if you want your business to thrive. Focus more on adding value instead of selling and work on creating a positive mindset. Foster personal growth by identifying your strengths and weaknesses and making efforts to change. Make an appointment with a professional sales coach, read books on sales and attend workshops that focus on helping you with your sales skills. Just remember why you started your business, how it helps people and why you love your product or service. By following these 8 simple tips, telling the world about your product or service will never feel like selling again!

Here are a few books to get you started:

How to Master The Art of Selling – Tom Hopkins

Think and Grow Rich for Women – Sharon Lechter

The Psychology of Selling – Brian Tracy

The Effortless Yes – Julie Steelman

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