Change Your Direction in 10 Easy Steps

“If you want to have something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

The word change is not typically a word that excites people. Change is critical for us to evolve and grow our business. Change does not have to be difficult, particularly when there are proven methods to successfully shifting behaviors and mindsets. If you want to change the direction your business is moving in, and if you want different things, you must change. It’s that simple. I always remind my clients, that the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.

So what are you willing to do differently to get different results? Before you can change, you must understand and embrace why you need to change, why and how you need to change. Successful change is all about your habits and behaviors.

Here are 10 Easy Steps to Change Your Direction Immediately:

1. Assess and evaluate where you are right now.

2. Accept that where you are right now is where you are supposed to be. Take personal responsibility for where you are.

3. Admit you are stuck and that you want more and ask for help.

4. Identify and write down what you want to change about yourself and your business.

5. Commit to making those changes and write down what you are willing to do to make it happen.

6. Set and write down goals. What do you expect to get from making these changes? Make sure they are big enough goals, but measurable and attainable.

7. Write out your action plan. Prioritize what you need to do in order of importance.

8. Take action. Do something daily on your list to make sure you hit your goals.

9. Have compassion for yourself. It takes at least 30 days to change a habit. You may fall off track, or you may not see immediate results. As long as you are following your plan, don’t beat yourself up.

10. Be consistent. Don’t look up for 90 days and strictly follow your action plan if you want to see results. After the first 90 days it is o.k. to adjust your goals if necessary.

The most important thing is to learn what you are doing well and look at what you aren’t doing so well. Then focus on doing more of what has been working in the last 90 days and eliminate what hasn’t. I know it all sounds simple, but when we get to it and write it all down, it’s not as easy as it seems.

What always helped me was to make sure I was listening to audio books that filled my mind with positive thoughts. They focused on what I needed to improve the most during these 90-day increments. Two of my favorites are, “Eat That Frog,” by Brian Tracy and “The Big Thing.” by Phyllis Korkki.

Here is the good news, anyone can start over and change their direction anytime they want. You have to believe in yourself and have the confidence that you can do it. Just get started, be consistent, and follow your plan. Following a process and leveraging these ten suggested steps will make a significant impact on your business.

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