A picture Says 1,000 Words

We all have pictures of moments that are forever embedded in our mind. This picture is December 7th, 2017 about 8:30 am. The night before I was out with my awesome work wife in NYC at a holiday event. I got in very late that night, and my daughter had to be a the hospital the next morning at 6 a.m. for a scheduled C-section. I was filled with anxiety and excitement when I got home so I could not sleep, I was lucky if I slept 3 hours total.

We got the phone call from her husband around 7:30 ish so I brushed my teeth and hair, didn’t work on my makeup as you can see, put on leggings and a t shirt and ran out the door and we jumped in the car. In the months leading up to this amazing event, I went through my own mini midlife crisis. I was ecstatic to have a grandchild but I couldn’t say the word grandma when I announced it. After all, I was too young to be a grandma right? My grandma was 4’9′ wore a house dress and had grey hair? I wasn’t ready because of the perception of what a grandma was supposed to look like in my head. Well when I walked in the room and I was the first person, after her parents that got to hold Siena Rose, my precious gift, my heart melted. Suddenly I’m saying out loud, “Grandma loves you!” I was elated. I did choose the be called Annane,  (buyukanne) though, which is the Turkish word for grandma because it is way cuter, I must admit.

In the week to follow I was at the hospital from 8 to 8 the next three days and went home with my daughter and Siena. She had a c-section and she needed help. These are the moments where I thank God I am my own boss! I never had to call anyone to ask for permission to be with my daughter, I could focus on where I was needed. So when you feel stuck, or wonder if it is worth pursuing your business endeavor think about this, if you had to be off a week or 2 weeks or however long you were needed, could you? What would you do? Those are the things that keep me focused on the end result. No matter how many obstacles you face or how many mountains you have to climb being there for your friends or family when they need you the most is all worth it. Never give up!

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