The 3 Things Every Woman Should Do Alone

Spending some quality time with me, myself, and I is good for our overall well-being. It helps you to think for yourself, you can go at your own pace, and you can even learn new things about yourself. With all of our commitments and relationships, it can be rough to grab some time alone. But it is crucial we set aside the time to do it.
Here are the 3 things every woman should do alone: 
  1. Watch movies–  I love to watch sad movies and cry when I am alone, it’s a release. I also love watching happy ending romantic chic flicks by myself. Watching movies in a judgment-free zone with no interruptions with a glass of wine and some snacks is priceless!
  2. Clothes shopping – Going shopping alone means personal freedom. So many cool outfits and shoes to look at, so much makeup to play with. But nobody is there to rush you or ask you if you ‘really need’ to buy that item.
  3. Go out for coffee – For some, it may be intimidating to go eat alone. To me, it is a way to make connections and meet new people and work in a different environment on my computer. It’s fun to people watch. I like to switch up where I go so I can meet different people too.
When you go out alone it’s a way to let yourself and other people know you are an independent, confident woman who doesn’t care what other people think. The truth is we all need to enjoy time alone with ourselves. We also get so much more crap done right? So get that glass of wine, turn on a movie and cry if you want to. Turn on some music, sing out loud and dance in your underwear when nobody is home. I do suggest sleeping alone from time to time, it is like sleeping on a cloud with angels singing! Whatever it is you decide to do alone, just do it and have some fun with you!


If you want to share some fun things you do alone  you can reach out to me  HERE 


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