5 Easy Ways to Get More Referrals

Getting referrals from existing customers by word-of-mouth are the best referrals you can get. It is also free marketing for your business. However, many entrepreneurs struggle with getting referrals. One of the main reasons is that the salesperson is so focused on closing the business they forget to bring it up after the sale happens. Some are just uncomfortable bringing up the subject, so they don’t. If the customer purchased something from you and they are happy you should never feel bad asking who they know that might benefit from the same service.

According to Dale Carnegie, 91% of customers say they’d give referrals, but only 11% of sales people ask for them.


Here are five tips for getting referrals every time:

  1. Just ask – You will never get anything in life if you don’t ask. So ask your client who they know that would benefit from what you just did for them. If you sold someone jewelry you could say, “who do you know that likes jewelry as much as you do?” or “Now that you see how important all these financial concepts are, who do you know that would benefit from the same information?” Believe you deserve the referral. You believe in what you do, you know the client is better off with your products and you know others will most certainly benefit from it as well. So ASK. The more people you see, the more you can help in some way, remember that.
  2. Send a referral letter  –  Even if you may have asked in person, sometimes clients and customers forget. Remind them once in a while with a mailing, or an email. Send a brief email or postcard reminding them how much you appreciate their business and ask who they know hat may benefit from the product/service that you provided for them . Give them a call to action! Tell them how to give the referrals to you. You have to make it easy for them.  Attach a something to the email where they fill out their name email and contact number of the referral. If you send them a letter in the mail enclose that sheet with a self-addressed stamped envelope and a thank you note.
  3. Talk to everyone – Anyone you meet under any circumstances can give you a referral. After all, the average person knows more than 250 other people. Do you think that none of those hundreds of people are a good fit for your products? Of course not. Ask everyone – your hair stylist, dentist, accountant, neighbors, even the person standing behind you in the supermarket checkout. You’ll be amazed how many leads will drop into your lap as a result of a brief conversation.
  4. Be outstanding -If you work hard on over delivering, adding value, and providing excellent service, then referrals will come naturally.
  5. Offer a reward incentive – Some clients will love you and enjoy connecting you to their network; most simply forget and get caught up in their own busy lives. However, if your client gets something out of it, they will sometimes make more of an effort.
You have to naturally be asking and dropping hints about who else would they love to share this information with, throughout the presentation. Always start your presentation asking. Then bring it up in the middle of your discussion again, and when you are ready to wrap up remember to ask and be prepared to take the contact information. “So you had said earlier that if you liked what I offered you, you would be able to think of a few people who would benefit from it too.
Pull out a piece of paper and say  “I am going to jot the information down now before I go. So who is the first person you are excited to share this with?” Have your pen to the paper looking down ready to write and wait for their answer.
When you have your presentation down, and referrals are part of it every time you are sitting with someone, it will become second nature. Practice and practice some more. Your pipeline will always be full. You will never have to worry about not having someone to reach out to again.


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