4 Things You Can Do With Your Special Talent

Talent – A natural apptiude or skill. A flair, knack or ability.

When I was asked to blog about my hidden talent from the #VCBlogStarChallenge it was easy to answer because I just had to ask myself what people come to me for the most? What comes naturally to me? What do I talk about the all the time? We all have something that we are especially good at.

It can take awhile for some to find their talents. Sometimes people don’t recognize what they have because they are too busy comparing themselves to other everyone else. It is easy to compare yourself to other people thinking they have more talents than you or that their talents are better than yours. But, nobody has your specific talent because they cannot do it exactly like you can, they are not you. Stop comparing yourself to other people. Instead try to find someone with talents that work well with yours and work your stregnths together. Remember the quote, “Alone I can do so much, but together we can rock the world.” That is exactly what can happen when talented people come together.

There are so many differnet talents. Our talents can be artistic, technical, mental or social. We are all unique and we all have many hidden gifts. But, we usually have 1 or 2 specific talents that stand out. My talent is the power to connect with all different types of people and the ability to connect people to other people. That is the reason why I was nicknamed the LynetteWork.

Here are 4 things you can do with your special talent:

  1. Build your talent into a skill
  2. Find a mentor that can help you develop your talent.
  3. Share your talent with other people.
  4. Connect with people that have talents that have synergy with your talent.

Stop waiting for your talents to just appear. Ask yourself what you are naurally good at and what people come to you for the most. What is your knack? Sometimes it takes time to find your talents but you should try to figure out what your talent is as soon as possible. Don’t sit back wait for it to come to you. I suggest that you go out and try something new right away and Step out of your comfort zone. When you seek out new things that challenge you, you will discover what talents and innate abilities you have hiding inside.

If you need help finding your hidden talent reach out to me HERE


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