4 Keys to Successful Prospect Marketing

The most important thing all entrepreneur’s must do is make connections and build relationships in order to be able to sell their product or services. This requires a prospecting strategy where finding new leads never ends so you have a full pipeline that will ultimately perpetuate sales consistently. Prospecting is a physical search for potential clients. To successfully find new people to provide your products and services to, you will need a prospecting strategy that you can work consistently that reaches out to potential customers and turns them hopefully into clients.

Prospect marketing has 2 components in order for it to work for you. 

Have a solid prospect marketing plan – Who and when you are going to reach people. There are 3 places your potential customers will always come from:

a. Warm market – People who you know that know your name.

b. Networking – Making connections and meeting people face to face.

c. Referral system – Referrals given to you by people you did business with.

Here are 4 keys to successful prospect marketing that will help you to find potential clients and turn them into customers:

  1. Stay consistent – Work on getting new leads and calling leads you have daily. Have a follow-up system in place.
  2. Work the numbers – Not everyone will be interested so you have to talk to a lot of people all the time.
  3. Always be Positive–  Nobody will be attracted to anyone who gives off negative vibes. Smile, stay up beat and be enthusiastic.
  4. Prioritize your activities – Work what is likely to give you the fastest return first.

Keep in mind that whether you are a small business, or a solo-entrepreneur,  you will need to continually attract new customers.  It doesn’t matter what sector you are in, professional services, media, health & beauty, financial services or personal services. Every business owner will need to prospect to keep their funnel full in order to thrive.  Think of prospecting as friendship farming. Just be aware that when you wake up every morning you are in the people business and you have to get out there and find some. Have a great attitude, look cute, stay excited and have fun!

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